The Luxurios Italian Art on the tile

CeraMondo is a luxurious porcelain tile brand designed in Italy and manufactured in India in line with Italian quality standards. This has made CeraMondo a successful luxurious brand worldwide.

Being managed by a team of Italians, quality and design are our top priorities. The design team of CeraMondo is based in Italy and keeps up with the latest trends and aesthetics to come up with outstanding designs. Every design by CeraMondo is inspired by the continual desire of Italian customers for style and aesthetics, and CeraMondo’s ability to keep up with these expectations has made the company synonymous with quality, service, and innovation in the international market.

The production facilities are based in India, and CeraMondo is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. To name a few factors, CeraMondo is the best in the international business thanks to intense automation, robotic automobile applications, leaving zero room for human error.

Each step of the process is constantly monitored by a special team assigned to each order. From raw material selection to storage. From grinding the mixture to mixing and firing the tiles. From the manufacturing process to quality control of the final product. From impeccable technical training to effective professional support, it is a testament to the company’s commitment to improving manufacturing processes and striving for the highest standards ever set.

Since its founding, CeraMondo has become stronger because of its dedication, innovations, and patronage from clients from different corners of the world.

Our Motive

CeraMondo is known for luxurious finest quality tiles and the work environment is set to achieve these goals. This is not the goal and mission of just the company, it is the goal and mission of every single employee that works for the brand.


Our Italian designers don’t just create designs, they create art that is inspired by the latest and future trends desired by Italian customers for style and aesthetics.


Quality has been our top priority and we never compromise on product quality. We are known for producing the finest quality with long-lasting durability.


CeraMondo has extended its production capacity of producing 100,000 sqm per day including large vitrified slabs, small vitrified floor tiles, digital wall tiles, and full body tiles.